Strength and Conditioning Packages in NJ

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Online Performance Coaching for Combat Athletes

We custom build every program based on your goals, schedule, medical history, and available equipment.

Heart Rate Based


Conditioning without knowing your heart rate is like lifting without knowing how much weight is on the bar. Take your endurance to the next level with our proprietary Heart Rate Control method of conditioning and you will be more confident than ever on the mat. This package includes monthly check-ins through our in-app messenger.
Best for Athletes:
  • Feeling gassed or out of breath during training

  • Needing to prepare for short notice fight camps
  • Seeking to enhance their aerobic capacity

Strength and



This package includes Heart Rate Based Conditioning AND Strength Training designed specifically for Combat Athletes. With weekly check-ins through our in-app messenger, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to your coach. These check-ins help shape the following week’s plan, resulting in an even more customized program.
Best for Athletes:
  • Wanting to feel stronger and more explosive on the mat

  • Needing the accountability of the weekly check ins
  • Interested in incorporating injury prevention into their program

and Nutrition


Our premier coaching package gives you access to Nutrition Coaching AND our proprietary Weight Management System. We offer a limited amount of spots for this package and require an application process before approving your membership. Strongly consider if one of our other packages are more appropriate for you before applying!
Best for Athletes:
  • Who want the highest level of support, accountability, and personalization
  • Undergoing a change in weight class or body composition
  • Competing at an elite level and facing a new class of competition 







Complementary Program Assessment

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute call with Dr. Benedetto to review your current training program and discuss if CounterStrike Performance Coaching is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know how to do the exercises?

Each exercise will be demonstrated with a video and written instructions in the app.

What makes you different than other coaches and trainers?

The combination of a doctoral level education, a true strength and conditioning credential (not a weekend course), and a decade of experience makes us stand out.

How can you know what I need without seeing me?

Knowing what exercises a person needs is a function of their past experience, current training program, and their goals – all which can be covered in detail on our video calls!

Why are the CounterStrike products more expensive than the competition?

Our offering is an expert coach, a truly customized plan tailored to your needs, and the promise that we will push you to execute that plan. Most other products are off the shelf PDF based programming without any concern of whether you implement the plan and reach your goals. We take tremendous pride in the amount of effort we put into each plan and the results that follow.

What’s the difference between weight management and nutrition coaching?

Weight Management: Work with a coach to decide on specific weight goals for various phases of the fight cycle. We establish goals based on our ongoing study of effective weight cuts for the weeks prior to fight week, the start of fight week, including a target weight when entering the cage after rehydrating/refueling.
We also set goals for the weeks after competing to prevent the very common large swings in weight post fight. Weigh in and report your weight to use daily with our easy to use apps.

Nutrition Coaching: Establish specific macro nutrient and calorie goals based on your age, weight, height, and activity levels. Log your food daily and review your food log each week with your coach. Simultaneously work on habit change in order to make true long term changes to your body composition and performance. Get meal suggestions and lean on us to take the guesswork out of ordering from meal prep companies. Choose a company on your own or, for a truly seamless integration, order from our partnered meal prep company, Trifecta.

Is there a contract or commitment?

Nope! We pride ourselves on retaining clients based on the quality of our work and our relationship as your coach. There is no commitment or contract. Try us out. If it’s not for you, simply let us know before your billing date to cancel at any time.