Heart Rate Based Conditioning

Never Lose a Fight Due to Poor Conditioning

Sport Specific Strength Training

Be The Strongest in Your Weight Class

Nutrition Coaching and Weight Management

Make Weight Consistently and Easily

Injury Prevention and Mobility

Feel Confident In Your Body’s Ability To Perform

Online Performance Coaching for Combat Athletes

Do injuries prevent you from training as much as you’d like?
Is your performance limited by your conditioning?
Has your progress plateaued and are you feeling stuck?
Do your weaknesses weigh on your mind during training?
Is making weight becoming progressively more difficult?
Do you want to reach a new level of performance?

We Can Help.

Our team is led by the most credentialed performance coach in Combat Sports, Dr. Frank Benedetto. We engineer every program to allow you to train harder, be more confident, and avoid injury.
Online Performance Coaching for Combat Athletes

Cutting Edge App Based Technology

Your program is delivered and monitored through apps on your phone, which means you can take your program anywhere and everywhere.

Science Based Programming

Each program is research-driven and science-based, specifically curated to your individual needs and goals.

Support and Accountability

The best way to ensure you’re seeing results is to hold you accountable. Your coach will be there for you every step of the way.

Trusted by UFC pros


“El Terror”

Top 10 UFC Bantamweight, KOTC Bantamweight Champion, ROC Bantamweight Champion



Bellator Welterweight Champion, CFFC Welterweight Champion, UFC Fight of the night winner


“The Lone Wolf”

Winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 27, ROC Featherweight Champion



Gold Gloves Champion, ROC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion



2 time UFC “Fight of the Night” Featherweight winner

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Heart Rate Based Conditioning



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Strength, Conditioning, and Nutrition